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LEARNING: Resources


"Action Based Learning"

Jean Blaydes' program of physical activities to support learning in both the classroom and in PE.


A  1-hour before-school physical activity/play program for K-5 run by parents, teachers, and volunteers that gives kids a body and brain boost to set them up for a day of learning"


Individuals or teams do short fitness exercises to advance their marker around the game board to win; all ages

"International Brain Gym"

Portable standing desks, adjustable height desks to elevate a regular desk work area, bike desks, etc.


“Girls Athletic Leadership Schools and the Boys School of Denver”Grades 6-12 schools where the impact of physical activity on academics is put into effective action. Beyond the joy, energy, and confidence our students gain from movement, research demonstrates that daily exercise improves memory, attention, and cognition. Sports participation also boosts self-esteem and civic engagement. Movement prepares our students to live long, fulfilled lives.

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