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Fitness-Based PE

It's important for each person to find physical activity that he or she will do on a regular basis.

Phil Lawler

The "Father of the New PE"

(Fitness-Based PE)

Phil 1.jpg

Fitness-Based PE is focused on all students being active and keeping their heart rates in their target zones.  In includes small-side sports where all students, in groups of 3-6, are actively working on sports skills as well as a wide variety of other forms of physical activity for students to explore.  Grades are based upon effort as opposed to athletic skill.  Students set fitness goals and develop a lifestyle that transcends into life beyond school.  

"The New PE Curriculum: An Innovative Approach to Teaching Physical Fitness" (2001)

Phil's program.

"10 Ways to Start a Wellness Revolution in American Schools" (2011)

Phil Lawler.

"Learning Readiness PE"

Phil's program that increased student achievement.

“Fit to Learn” (2019)

Since 2015, physical education has been considered part of a well-rounded education under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). However, we continue to see a reduction in physical education programs in the United States. At the same time, it is impossible to go a day without hearing about the high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression that plague our children in the face of research, showing that movement and physical education can help combat these mental health issues.  Myths about gym class and physical education will be debunked.

Exergame Powered by Motion Fitness

Exergaming equipment

"Polar GoFit"

View, analyze, and evaluate students' physical activity online.  Help students to monitor their own healthy lifestyle.

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