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Exercise 4 Learning (E4L)


To provide understanding of research and strategies for integrating exercise into the school day to enhance learning, behavior, and wellness.


Schools have a culture of wellness whereby their students and staff use exercise and diet to work with their bodies' physiology to achieve more, have fewer behavioral issues, and have a lifestyle that transcends the school setting.

Dan Lawler, Ph.D.

Fort Collins, Colorado

With 34 years as an elementary school principal and more as a leadership coach for principals, his career is notable for school leadership promoting leading-edge research and best practices in education. He spent seven years changing his school's culture by developing and branding the school as a center for "academics, character and wellness." He initiated multiple wellness- and movement- based learning initiatives, including a first-of-its-kind Exercise Learning Center that improved students' academic performance, behavior, and fitness. Lawler is the brother of Phil Lawler, considered "The Father of the New P.E."

Bev Bachman, M.Ed.

Estes Park, Colorado

An educator with over 39 years experience in elementary education, she taught grader K-6, gifted-talented, and was an assistant administrator with Dan Lawler. With degrees in zoology, reading and administrative certification, she has a strong interest in science and learning and is working to help educators understand the research and strategies to optimize the educational experience of students.

Thanks to the students in the STEAM class at Estes Park Middle School, Estes Park, Colorado, who have been/are helping us with the design and technology for this website! 

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