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Websites Suggested by Viewers

“9 Round:  “Medical and Health Games for Kids” (2016)

Links to activities and resources on the human body and health for kids.

"9 Round: Fitness and Nutrition" 

Links to multiple sites for activities and games for students on the topics of nutrition, fitness, and the human body.

"Health Maintenance for Kids" (2014?)

Resource links for Nutrition, Exercise, Mental Health, Safety, Drug and Alcohol Prevention, General Kids' Health .

"Physical Education Curriculum for Teachers and Coaches" (2014)

List of links to PE resources.

"Nutrition and Health for Kids" (2014)

Tips and additional resources for nutrition and fitness.

"Parent's Guide to Dental Health from Pregnancy to Young Adulthood" (2021)

"Autism Resources & Help (For Parents, Teachers, & More" (2022)

"A Kid's Guide to Health" (2014)

Article and links to resources on all types of wellness tips for kids.  (Note:  Article has a large empty rectangle at the beginning - scroll down to start the article)

"A Collection of Health Games for Kids" (2022)

Links to human body games, health games, and PE games.

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