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Physical Activity Breaks

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Having a PA break for at least 2 minutes every hour helps to keep the brain attentive to improve

focus and achievement.

"Syd Shuffle"

Short dance from "Ice Age." 


"Get Sweaty"

Teachers can sign up for free daily physical activity videos on the Internet.

"Fit Kids"

Promoting healthy, active lifestyles for underserved kids


Free activity breaks.

"Instant Recess"

10 minute inside recess break.

"10 Simple Activities to Encourage PA in the Classroom"

"Let's Move:  Staying Active for Kids"

Suggestions and links to physical activity ideas for kids

"Activity Works"

Physical activity for grades K-2.

"I Do Not Teach Academics in Physical Education!  Are You Sure?" 2020

Disciplinary literacy is an emphasis on knowledge and abilities possessed by those who create, communicate, and use knowledge within the disciplines - including physical education.   Specific strategies and examples of how to use that in PE.  pp.9-14

"Active Academics"

Incorporating physical activity into content lessons.

"The Walking Class"

Strategies for walking while learning.


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